Red Ice: Radiointervju fekk resonans

For nokre vikor sidan vart Olav Torheim spurd ut på radiostasjonen Red Ice Creations – ein alternativ nettradio med meir enn ein halv million lydarar. Torheim tok fyre seg arbeidet åt professor Frode Jens Strømnes og kommenterte elles ymse andre spursmål knytte til stoda i Noreg og Norden.

Strømnes sine teoriar um språk og mentale modellar vart lykjelen, fortel ein ny lesar.

Strømnes sine teoriar um språk og mentale modellar vart lykjelen, fortel ein ny lesar.

Etter at intervjuet vart sendt, so hev Målmannen havt ein uvanlegt stor pågang frå heile verdi – sidestatistikken talar sitt tydelege språk. Mange nye tingarar hev meldt seg og folk er vortne kveikte til å kjøpa Frode Jens Strømnes sitt meisterverk frå 2006, «The Fall of the Word and the Rise of the Mental Model». Ein av dei som hev skrive til oss er ein mann frå California i Sambandsstatane:


Finally, I found your email address!  Apologies for only writing in English, but I’m a Californian, and while I spent a summer in Finland in 1966, I have no knowledge of Norsk!

I enjoyed your interview with Henrik so much that I’ve listened to it 4 times, and have started a conversation about it with another man in my town, a man who is also interested in this magical thing called language.

Your interview inspired me to buy Stromnes’ book on Amazon.  Not cheap, but worth every dollar!  I’m now about 70 pages into the book, and it gets more and more exciting.

I have long suspected that there was something very REAL going on in the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, but couldn’t find out just what it was.  One reason for this feeling is that I’ve had a long history with the Chinese language, both spoken Mandarin and the written language.   Familiarity with that, and LIVING with native Chinese people both in China and here in California, made it very apparent that we don’t exactly think the same way.  Not just in terms of opinions, but in terms of the structures of our minds.  I always knew it was related to the “shape” of the languages involved, but couldn’t understand how to penetrate and understand that difference.

Your show, and Stromnes book is the “magic key” that is unlocking the door!

In this letter, I just wanted to say “Thank You”, and introduce myself.  If you know of any other resources in English which you would recommend, I would appreciate it very much.  Web links, etc.

Since your interview with Henrik wasn’t overtly “political”, I’m not sure how many people found it as amazing as I did.  The stuff you said was like sweet candy, a trail of delicious cookie crumbs that I just had to follow further!  And the journey is still just beginning!  As I said, I listened to it four times, both parts.  And I will listen again, because you packed SO MUCH in there which offers food for further study and reflection.  A true gold mine!

Best wishes, and hope we can keep in touch …

Slike meldingar gler oss mykje, for det er nett dette me hadde vona på: At radiointervjuet skulde skapa åtgaum for Strømnes sitt arbeid millom uppegåande folk. Her ser me jamvel at folk tek steget og kjøper boki hans, les henne og tek konklusjonane til seg. Det er endå ei stadfesting på at Frode Jens Strømnes gjorde eit eineståande arbeid som stend seg for ettertidi.